AP Tutoring

It's no secret that the nation's top colleges and universities look for students who challenge themselves. Our goal is to encourage students to take on these endeavors and help them succeed. Our AP Test programming is designed to aid students in their AP classwork as well as prepare them for the national AP exams. Our instructors are all well-versed in their subject fields and have scored 5's on their respective tests.

We offer 2 types of AP Tutoring:

Our AP Class is designed for students who thrive through small-group learning. Classes have a maximum enrollment of 5 students and provide over 40 hours of instruction over the course of a semester. Each week, students will receive supplemental work geared towards preparing for the AP Test. They will also have the opportunity to ask our instructors for help with classwork. The small class size allows our staff to be dynamic in their teaching and adapt to the curriculum each student is receiving at his or her school.

Our Private Tutoring services are for students who learn at different paces and prefer one-on-one instruction tailored to their individual goals. Before the sessions begin, students will meet with their tutors to discuss what they want to accomplish, as well as their academic strengths and weaknesses. In addition, they will craft a study program best designed to achieve their goals. We offer private tutoring in packages of 10 and 20 hours.