December 2015 SAT Scores!

It's that time of the year! SAT scores are in! 

By now, you should have accessed your SAT scores on the CollegeBoard website. This set of scores is especially important given the change in the SAT's structure starting in March. Here are some of our thoughts for December SAT takers as you plan the remainder of your testing schedule:

1. If you scored close to your target score:

If your score was within 100-150 points of your target score, it's not too late to increase that score come January. With school on break, you have plenty of time to practice before the January test. That said, if you plan on taking the test in January, remember to register on time! This is the last time you can take the SAT in its current form, so give it your best!

2. If you are a sophomore:

If you are a sophomore who took the SATs in December, there are a number of things to consider. First, you have plenty of time to adequately prepare for the new SAT / ACT. That said, if you fall into the first category, it may be worth dedicating the time to mastering the SAT in its old format. That way, you will have more opportunities down for the new SAT / ACT while having a great fallback score from the old SAT.

3. If you are a junior:

If you are a junior who took the SATs in December, you have to make some important decisions. There are many educators who recommend waiting before taking the new SAT. Because the new SAT is very different in format, it is important to ensure that there are enough quality practice materials available. In addition, waiting a few iterations of the exam allows the CollegeBoard to work out whatever kinks it may find in the administration of the exam.

That said, if you fall into the first category, we definitely recommend taking the old SAT again. If not, we would recommend getting your hands on as much material as possible in preparation for the new SAT. We would then recommend waiting for at least one iteration of the new SAT in order to see what the verdict is on a number of uncertainties regarding the test (based on your time constraints, it may be necessary to take earlier iterations of the new SAT, if so we can consult regarding these issues). 

Lastly, the ACT is always a great option to take.

We hope this information helps as you plan your schedule moving forward. As always, we are here to help and feel free to leave any questions in the comment box on this blog post or on our home page. Happy holidays!

-The Ivy Team