We pride ourselves in not just providing top-notch programs, but also in being trusted advisers to parents in one of the most important areas of their children's lives: their education. Therefore, we pay careful attention to both our parents and our students in order to make sure that we deliver the high caliber services that they have come to expect. Hear what they have to say!


I completely trust the staff at Ivy Advantage. I sent my two kids there for SAT tutoring, and both raised their scores by 250 points. Ivy worked closely with my boys and spent extra time to talk me through test prep strategy, college admission guidance, and more. I would (and do) recommend Ivy to anyone who wants his or her child to learn in a nurturing yet effective environment.
— D. Kwon, Parent


When I was going through my college application process, I was filled with anxiety, uncertainty, and an overwhelming pressure. But I could really sense that teachers at Ivy tried their best to help me not just academically, but also emotionally. Because of that, I was able to focus my attention and get into schools that were beyond my expectations.
— J. Lee, University of Pennsylvania '18
Through Ivy’s help, I was granted acceptance to Lehigh University, which happened to be my “reach” school. My GPA and SAT scores landed almost below the accepted students’ average, I did not partake in a large amount of extracurricular activities, and there was nothing that really stood out in my application. Despite this, Ivy helped me draft essays that were not only full of intellectual prose, but also told my personal story. The essays that Ivy had helped me write differentiated me from other applicants and played an integral part in the Admissions Committee’s decision to accept me to Lehigh.
— J. Park, Lehigh University '20

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